What Is It Like to Expect to Be Trapped

What Is It Like to Expect to Be Trapped

What Is It Like to Expect to Be Trapped

How is the trap room experience different from the regular escaping room adventures? This is one of the most common questions players ask when they learn there’s a trap mechanic in the quest they’re interested in.

With trap rooms, there’s much more of a stress factor involved, so if you want your escape quest to be kind, calm and forgiving, you’d better check out more classic adventures. However, for those who’re in it for the thrills, the trap factor is what makes the time spent under the lock truly shine.

What Is A Trap Room

Technically speaking, there are no straight requirements. When you’re picking up a horror escape room, or book a “pirate escape quest” for your child’s birthday party, you mostly know what’s awaiting you. With trap rooms, you should carefully read the description, as there are several types of quests:

Of course, there are also trap escape rooms where traps have no importance whatsoever. They’re barely mentioned in the brief; also the design of room and its puzzles has nothing to do with recreating a feeling of being trapped. But we don’t think these adventures should be counted as trap rooms at all.

Egypt escape room with a giant black cat figure

Great Settings For Trap Rooms

There’s a certain amount of topics that seems to always form the nicest combinations with trap themes: