Wacky Escape Quests Can Surprise Everyone: Try Them Out!

Wacky Escape Quests Can Surprise Everyone: Try Them Out!

Wacky Escape Quests Can Surprise Everyone: Try Them Out!

Escape rooms bring players lots of fun, but for different reasons. While at its core, escape quests are mostly about clever puzzles and well-hidden riddle chains, nowadays more and more people choose escape rooms that can introduce some background story.

Lore makes escaping way more exciting. No wonder that there are almost as many escape quest themes, as there are the genres, or even more. To stick out, the creators have to think of something entirely new every time an escape room is launched.

Sometimes it results in creating a unique puzzle or developing one-of-a-kind riddle chain. Sometimes these creative flows generate new stable genres (that’s precisely how the whole RPG escape room thing was born). But more often than not, innovations become roots for extraordinary escape rooms that may become confusing even to the most devoted and experienced escapees. Some of these experiments get extremely popular all the time, so don’t forget to check out a wacky escape room when you see one!

Main Types of Wacky Escape Rooms: Are These Even Possible to Categorize?

People love weird escape rooms for the same reason some critiques categorize them as failures: wacky escape quests get us confused, there’s no solid plot or gameplay ground to stand on, and it may be hard to understand what to do next, even if you’re well acquainted with escape room puzzle basics. Sometimes a wacky escape room is pretty good by gameplay; the weird part is the story that is not afraid to test borders and make fun of itself. Then again, some quests are so strange that they’re almost unplayable. Here are the examples:

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