Escape Rooms are Great If You Want to Hang Out With Friends

Escape Rooms are Great If You Want to Hang Out With Friends

Escape Rooms are Great If You Want to Hang Out With Friends

It’s hard to live a life without making a single decision. In daily routine, people have to use their smarts, courage, and curiosity all the time. Take a closer look at your life, and you’ll find out it’s not that different from escape room experience (minus taxes, and laundry, and the other unnecessary evils). What a good escape room always tries to do is to provide an adventure similar to those we could experience, but in more new condition. Like, you get to find a missing key, and you’ve got to do it NOW – but you don’t look for the keys to arrive at a business meeting in time. Instead, you are to run away from nasty pirates, save your friends and get to the treasure chest before your enemies find you!

What Is an Escape Room?

Imagine entering a room (or a set of places, but everybody usually starts in a single locked space) that is decorated to create a perfect setting for the story that you’re participating in. The central theme is always obscure: it can be a futuristic science lab, or an abandoned ship, or some old forgotten temple – or maybe just a friendly British pub that holds more mysteries and dark secrets than all the previous spaces altogether. But when you start making progress, you’ll inevitably notice the smaller details bringing the whole scene to life.

A forgotten letter with a weird stamp, weird painting set hidden in a dark corner, a collection of creepy masks or a musical box playing a sweet melody over and over until you start to hear the sad bits in it: even a basic escape room becomes unique when you get to know it better, as there’s always more to the eye than it may seem from the first glance.

Will It Be Scary? What Do People Do at Escape Rooms?

The answer to the first question is simple: yes, it will! But only if you want it to be. We’ve got a diverse set of different thematic escape rooms in Seattle, Shoreline and Redmond. With escape room quests, it’s mostly about choosing your adventure: you can pick a detective story, a horror quest, a puzzle room where the focus is primarily on riddles, and so on.

To progress, you have to:

Have you ever been to an escape room, and if the answer is “Yes” – what are your impressions? If no, do you want to visit an escape room and what theme would you pick? Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section!