Coming Back to an Escape Room That You Have Already Visited

Though most escape quests are made without a second walkthrough in mind, there are still occasions when a team or a single player visits an escape room for a second time. While we strongly recommend to try out new escape rooms instead of playing the ones you’ve already beaten – it’s way more entertaining – we couldn’t just ignore this phenomenon. So we decided to give the case a closer look and find out: why do people return to our escape rooms?

Reason 1: They Did Not Make It on Their First Try

When you’re visiting a new escape room, it’s a bit too easy to get lost or confused. Sure, you’re dealing with a locked space, yet the number of puzzles creates just too many possibilities. If you entered a quest with a group of people who never did escape quests before, you’ve got a higher probability of losing.

As a result, people often see their first escape rooms as more complicated than the next challenges arranged similarly. But when they return after gaining experience and self-confidence, they find out that the quest they couldn’t beat is not so intimidating anymore. On the contrary, it’s entertaining and fun.

If you’re planning your first trip to an escape room, make sure that the difficulty matches your skills. We’ve settled up various quests for you to pick from, including immersive escape rooms with puzzles suitable for beginners.

Scenery of instruments and machines in the escape room

Reason 2: They Want to Share the Experience

Sometimes the player likes an escape room too much to let it go. Original puzzles, unique setting or breathtaking storytelling, can make a quest special for you, so you’ll be more likely to try and show all of your friends what they’re missing on. It’s similar to favorite movies or books: if something is fantastic, you want to share it. We’ve seen it many times with our Da Vinci escape room: people visit it once, then return with friends and family just because they want to show something different.

This is often the case for birthday parties, too. If somebody’s going through the trouble of organizing an escape room birthday party for a friend, they try to make sure that the challenge is cool so everyone would enjoy it.

Reason 3: It Features Live Actors and Unique Choices

These escape quests are also known as performances, and while they contain puzzles, in many aspects they’re more similar to theatrical plays where the viewers get to participate. There is still a great variety of things to do in these challenges though, and various scenarios are reflecting the moral and action choices throughout the story. So here, people return to see what they’ve missed on.

How about you? Have you ever returned to visit an escape room you’ve already been to? And if so, why did you do that? Did you like your second experience more or less than the first? Share in the comment section!