Magical Escape Adventures for the Bravest Hearts

Magic is everywhere around us, we’re just not used to see it. Time to turn this around and become the main hero of the wizard room escape adventure! Try out one of the Harry Potter inspired magical escape quests to see if you have what it takes to become the next best magician!

If you really like Harry Potter and all of his magical adventures, but never got your own letter to Hogwarts, don’t get disappointed too soon: who knows, maybe there’s still lots of magic waiting for you just around the corner! You know how they say: sometimes it’s up to us to create our own miracles. You’re on a path for a great adventure – and it’s definitely in your power to generate it from scratch.

Or you may just pick an adventure that’s already created for you by professionals! Enter the wizard room and learn that the magical world is not always the safe and fun place we imagine it to be. Magic is like nature: even when people think they’ve tamed it, magic just loves to break out of control. Magical creatures love to trick humans and play with them, so if you’ve met somebody that looks like a creature from Harry Potter books, try not to get too excited and stay attentive to what they have to say or show. And if the wizard room is empty from any mysterious creatures, try to find a valuable magical artifact or a spell book: enchanted objects will help to get away in time and master this weird magical realm.

Wizard Escape Room – an Entirely Improbable Magical Adventure

Even if you don’t like Harry Potter very much, magical escape quests may find a special place in your heart. That’s because they often contain cryptic riddles and intuition-based puzzles you just won’t find in a horror or detective stories. To break out from the room, you’ll need to:

  • interact with magical objects;
  • gain trust of different fantasy creatures;
  • master spells and learn to create potions;
  • break villainous enchantments;
  • work in team and so much more!

For the inexperienced players, magical (charmed, fantasy, etc.) escape quests are a great place to start. But even if you do escape rooms a lot, give a fantasy adventure a try: the wizard’s house might surprise you in many ways.