Fantasy Escape Room

If you love fantasy stories and movies, try out any of our fantasy escape rooms. Unique fantasy layouts and thrilling adventures are waiting for everyone who dares to enter the magical realms. Can you break the spell in a single hour?

While the most common genres for escape quests are horror, detective stories and sci-fi adventures, fantasy escape rooms stay extremely popular among all ages. In a world where the laws of physics bound to your will, there are so many opportunities for unique puzzles and escape room layouts.

For example, you can perform your magical escape by finding the right enchantment for the doors to open. Of course, the book of spells won’t just lie around, opened on the page you need: getting your hands on the primary source of magic will require wit, quick thinking and teamwork. Or maybe you’ll encounter a mysterious guardian who refuses to let you out before you find correct answers to his riddles. Of course, it won’t be just a game of searching for the right words: you’ll have to perform magical tasks and bring ancient artifact to achieve the main goal and get out in time.

What to Expect from a Fantasy Escape Room

There’s no such thing as a perfect adventure, but you can get pretty close to perfect simply by choosing the right genre. Pick fantasy escape room challenge, if you’re not afraid to dream. Be ready to let the bits of magic enter your world: the team will need to think outside of the box every so often, because many of the puzzles might have different solutions from what you’d expect. In other words, if you’re always trying to find the most logical solution, in a magical challenge you have to relax and rely on the sense of intuition. There still will be technical riddles and ciphers to encode every now and then, but the main focus will stay on the spirit of your adventure.

Fantasy escape room with unrealistic interior.

There are several popular fantasy escape room layouts:

  • Magician’s apprentice. This explains how you got stuck in a place filled with magical things, but unable to control many of the artifacts around you. It may be a test by the Master Wizard, a quest to fetch a certain item in time, a daring break-in with you trying to steal something from your mighty teacher, or even just an unfortunate case. Anyway, you’re locked in a house full of fantasy stuff, so is here really something to complain about?
  • Dungeons and castles. Fantasy is not only about magic; there are also elfs and orcs, mighty knights and wise kings. Choose your adventure and enter an escape quest with a complicated plot where you have to aid one of the sides to succeed, or just make sure to get away from danger in time.
  • Escape rooms based on movies and TV shows. You may try to look for a room with the exact name in it, but it’s not always necessary. The important thing is that the adventure stays true to spirit of your beloved story, be it Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings.