What Halloween will you choose real or virtual?

What’s the best night to dive into escape games than Halloween? It’s the night when literally everything can happen – so don’t hesitate and get yourself an escape adventure, whether in a real life locked room or online.

Halloween escape games are a decent way to get more of the holiday spirit once the fun with trick-o-treating and partying is over – or haven’t actually started yet. For some of us, Halloween is not just one night in the year, but more like a state of mind. Dark atmosphere, carved pumpkin lanterns, hilarious and scary costumes, spooky stories and candy everywhere: doesn’t this create a perfect setting for an escape game?

Real Life Halloween Escape Games

Good ol’ escape rooms usually have a special adventure dedicated to Halloween that can be visited at any time of the year. Some of these rooms are family-friendly, so they’re more focused on the “fun” part, and the puzzles are pretty relaxed. The others take a more serious approach, as they put the players into scaring situations, making the hour spent in a locked room an authentic Halloween-went-wrong experience.

That being said, you don’t have to limit your buddies and yourself with a single option. If you prefer more active “escaping”, try to search local creative studios that run real life quests with exploring the town, searching for clues and working in teams. Many of them have special scenarios for popular holidays, such as Christmas or Halloween. Some studios keep these events tied to the exact holidays, others will gladly let you book any adventure all year round.

Halloween Escape Video Games

Frankly speaking, every escape game would pair nicely with the Halloween Eve, as even the most calm and relaxed games of the genre make the player feel unease. You’re locked and cannot get out, after all.

Still, if you want an escape game centered around Halloween, we recommend browsing online. Flash video game websites present many niche opportunities for dedicated gamers, and all of the games are free. Here are some well known examples:

  • Most Scary Halloween Escape. Is it really what it claims to be? Uh, no: the special effects, menu and buttons do not really match with photorealistic setting (that actually is kinda spooky). But it provides a sense of adventure, and a Halloween-themed arena of scary locations to try and escape from.
  • Halloween Ten Room Escape. You think getting out from the location will make you win the game? Well, but there are nine more rooms with complicated puzzles awaiting you ahead! With growing difficulty and funny gags, this small game is really fun to play.

If small games do not attract you, just run any Silent Hill on any platform you have: they’re available even for mobile phones now, and they provide truly scary escaping experience that’ll go best on Halloween.