Visit Hogwarts and Learn Some Magic

Ever wanted to be a student in a magical school, fight ancient evil, or maybe become Harry Potter’s best friend? In a magical escape room, everything is possible: you just need to pick the right one.

Harry Potter manages to stay the most famous wizard in the world. And this is true not only for the in-universe magical folks, but also for us, muggles – or how we prefer to call ourselves, non-mages – as it seems like everyone wished to visit Hogwarts and put the Sorting Hat on at a certain point of life.

Craving for more Rowling-inspired magical experience, people are ready for some experimenting. There are official and fan-made role playing websites where you can be sorted to a faculty of your belonging; thematic movies and games, theatre plays and attractions. And of course, the list couldn’t be whole without escape rooms. There are not so many of them at the moment, but with the growing popularity of the Fantastic Beasts franchise that is also aimed at more mature audience, who knows what may happen next?

For now, let’s just get to know more about the most famous Harry Potter escape rooms that are active up to date. Note that we don’t mention kids-only themed adventures, as those evolve like mushrooms after rain and disappear immediately after a new big hit comes out.

Privet Drive, Escape Rooms

You’d have to travel to Ontario for this one, but it really deserves the ride, as this escape room combines every magical ingredient we could possibly wish for:

  • exceptional attention to details;
  • solid Harry Potter lore to dive in;
  • original plot;
  • complicated puzzles;
  • custom difficulty;
  • legal franchise.

The last one is important as it shows that every element of the escape room is exactly how it should be: this is not a fanfiction, but a part of the main story. It’s also refreshing not to be sorted to Hogwarts, and focus on helping Harry Potter get out of the closet instead: that’s an original and clever approach that helps to feel the joy of your favorite adventure once again.

School of Magic, Escape Room Novi

This room was heavily advertised as the first upcoming Harry Potter themed escape room in USA. Something didn’t work out with the copyright, so now there’s no mention of Rowling’s beloved heroes whatsoever. Yet, there is the School of Magic escape room in Novi, Michigan. And even if the title won’t say it, it’s definitely about Hogwarts.

Your task here will be to try and conquer the ancient evil that returned to your realm. That’s a pity there’s only a small group of students left, as all the professors and other pupils are captive by a dangerous spell. Make sure you do what it takes to return peace to your magical alma mater, collect the artifacts and conquer the evil wizard once again.