Discover Magical Worlds and Hidden Realms

If you want to spice up your life with a bit of magic, make sure to try magic themed escape rooms. Conquer the most mysterious scenarios and see where the road of magic brings you!

Magic escape games stay the top pick when it comes to family events and holiday celebrations with kids. You don’t need to be obsessed with magical stories or Harry Potter books to enjoy a well-crafted adventure with lots of puzzles to solve. The only thing you should be careful about is the difficulty level: if your team is looking for a big challenge, be sure to pick escape rooms recommended for mature audience (17 and older).

Still, even without proper challenge magic escape games can bring lots of fun. Have you ever dreamt of following the steps of Cinderella and escaping the wicked stepmother’s house to get to the ball? Or do you prefer the adventure to feature a solid role play element, so that you could feel like a warlock making his way out of the trap created by his arch nemesis? That’s only a sneak peek on what you can get in a magic-themed escape room. If you want more solid examples, check ‘em out below: we’ve collected information on some of the most promising magic escape rooms in Los Angeles.

NB: no illusionists here! Houdini was great, and so is the infamous escape room named in his honor. But today we’re talking real magic – and that’s the only limitation we set.

The Secrets of Wizardry, MagiQ Room

You were once a great wizard, but not particularly a very kind one, it seems, as an elf holds a grudge on you. He cursed you and hid all your magical attributes, and if you don’t make it out in time, you’ll lose the magical powers and divine knowledge forever.


  • It’s a family business, so the room is really original and detailed.
  • One-of-a-kind storyline with exceptional narrative.
  • Not just an escape adventure, but a fairytale with a hidden message,
  • Puzzles rely heavily on the usage of the attributes you find. Feel like a real wizard with the power to operate the world around with your wand!

This is a family adventure, so no mind-breaking tasks here. Still, it holds pretty well thanks to the magical setting, and the story will be interesting both for new and experienced players.

The Alchemist, Escape Room

It wasn’t easy to locate this ancient library with its thousands of secrets, but it all paid off when you reached the secret passage leading to an abandoned alchemy lab. The Philosopher’s stone doesn’t look like a make-believe concept now, but the real problem is that the passage is gone, and you have to find the way out