Underground Escape Rooms

Underground Escape Rooms

Underground Escape Rooms

If you’re in for an authentic experience, the escape room of your choosing probably should be an underground escape room. After all, underground escape games are settled in environment everyone can immediately recognize.

Underground escape games are emotionally thrilling, as the underground territory itself is thrilling to the core. It’s not too difficult to get lost even in daytime, especially if you don’t pay that much attention to the map. And just think about what could ever happen if you find yourself fallen asleep in an empty underground train, with no one to come and rescue you…

Underground Escape Rooms Are Really Special

What makes underground escape rooms and full-fleshed games so great is that you’ll never be surrounded with cheap decorations. Instead, you’ll have to observe a real train car with the underground map inside, and some authentic sitting places, and maybe even a thing or two left behind by the other passengers… Who knows if these will do you any good, but better to grab everything you can get, right?

The amazing part is that the players become part of a story they could actually experience in real life. Or, at least, it feels heavily like it could be experienced, because the adventure just feels like whatever could happen on your unlucky day, when you’re returning back home after a couple of bad omens (and it also might be Friday, the 13th).

What Are Underground Escape Rooms Like

It’s fair if you want to know what to expect from your average underground escape room – even if they say that surprises are what scares people the most. Here are some of the most common – if this word is appropriate when talking about spooky stories – underground escape room themes and motifs:

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